Science or Religion or Both?

‘Does the Big Bang Theory rule out Creation?’ ‘Why does life exist?’ On this site, these questions and more are answered by some top scientists. See what you think about what they say or visit ‘Our Favourite Bits’ for a high-speed tour of the science-religion debate.


Check out our animations page to see our new videos about:

  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Galileo and his big idea
  • The Evolution of the Horse
  • Mary Anning, the fossil hunter
  • How an ammonite become fossilsed
  • and more!


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The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion has produced three new websites – for children, teenagers and educators. Here’s a link to ‘ – home to exciting resources, activities and age specific answers to science-faith FAQs, designed for children aged 5-11 in school, in Church and at home.  From there you can navigate to Faraday Teens  (for young people aged 11-18) and Faraday Educators (for parents and teachers and to book a visit from the team to come into your school).


Evolution in Primary

Webpages, session plans and activities for Year 6 on fossils, evolution and inheritance – here.


A brief history of life on Earthlizzie4

Join Lizzie to travel through a few million years in a few moments! See the video here


Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles?

Scientist, Professor Sir Colin Humphreys explains – here


Time travel, black holes and more!

Discover whether a time machine could be yours soon with Professor Jim Al-Khalili.


Why do Natural Disasters Happen?

Professor Bob White, a Christian and Volcanologist responds to the question: Why do Natural Disasters Happen?


How fast are your reactions?

Play Pancake Shoot and test the speed of your reactions.


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