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Big Questions (for 16 plus)


These pages explore the Big Questions of why we exist, whether we have free will and where you were before you were born. There are also articles about time travel and black holes. Enjoy!


Who’s afraid of the Big Black Hole? Prof John Billingsley reveals the ugly truth about Black Holes. He begins by reminding us that according to some unreliable sources, Black Holes lurk in the centres of galaxies, gobbling up suns and planets.  “Come near one and you are either doomed or spat out into a different time or dimension”.  Read more


Time travel – yes we can! Prof Jim Al-Khalili explains that when you accelerate and decelerate it is not just your speed that changes: time itself runs a little slower. Find out whether a trip into the distant past or future is a theoretical (if not a practical) possibility. Read more.


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