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Articles by experts

These articles were written by experts in their fields for general reading – by students for example

Professor Jim Al-Khalili puts the question, “Is time travel possible?” Download Word document

Astrophysicist, Dr Rodney Holder explains that he sees no conflict between the notion of a Universe that behaves scientifically and the notion of a Creator-God. Download Word document

Geologist, Denise Balmer, digs for an answer as to whether it is credible to believe that a flood that covered the Earth: download Word document

Professor of mathematics, Eric Priest looks at the thorny question of whether we can believe the Bible’s account of why life is here: download Word document

Biologist, Dr Denis Alexander describes how he visualises God, in response to the question, What is God like?: download Word document

Professor of Materials Science, Professor Sir Colin Humphreys addresses the question of whether a scientist can believe in miracles: download Word document

Dr Ard Louis is a Reader in Theoretical Physics at Oxford University. In this article, he explain his ideas about “How can we obtain reliable knowledge about the world?”

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