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Our Advisors

We are grateful to our Advisors for their guidance during the development of our project.


Prof. John Hedley Brooke
formerly Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion, University of Oxford

Dr Martin Coath
The Cognition Institute, Plymouth University

Marianne Cutler
Executive Director, Professional and Curriculum Innovation at The Association for Science Education;

Michael Poole
Visiting Research Fellow in Science and Religion at King’s College, London;

Prof. Michael Reiss
Assistant Director and Professor of science education at the Institute of Education, University of London and a Priest in the Church of England;

Prof. Mary James
Associate Director of Research at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University. Professor James trained as a teacher of RE and taught for 10 years in schools before moving into educational research;

Dr John Taylor
Director of Critical Skills at Rugby School and the Chief Examiner for Edexcel’s ‘The Extended Project’, in which candidates explore science and philosophy.

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