Science and Religion in Schools resources
for years 7-11, 11-16  and 16-19.

About The Science and Religion in Schools Project

SRSP was set up in 2002. The Project produced an amazing and extensive suite of materials for secondary and primary schools to support the teaching of Science-and-religion.

For many years the materials in the SRSP resource were available for purchase as books and CDs. By arrangement with the SRSP team, those materials are now available for you to use for free on this site.

The teachers resources list is divided into the following age groups: 7-11, 11-16 and 16-19.

Each of these groups contains topics and units, with each unit containing a number of lessons and teaching resources.

You can navigate through these resources using the side menus and the ‘breadcrumb trail’ just under the top menu of each page.


The SRSP Core Team

The SRSP project team included two co-directors, Professor John Hedley Brooke and Mr. Martin Rogers. Paul Hopkins was the project manager and ran the website and Adrian Brown was the senior editor of the materials.

Professor John Brooke is now President of the International Society for Science and Religion and formally Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University and Director of the Ian Ramsey Centre.
Martin Rogers was formerly Director of the Farmington Institute for Christian Studies in Oxford. Before that he was Chief Master of King Edward’s School, Birmingham and Headmaster of Malvern College, Worcestershire.
Paul Hopkins is a lecture and writer in science and religious education at the University of Hull and previously at the Open University.
Adrian Brown is a senior teacher at the Ecclesbourne School and has written widely in the field of Science and Religion.

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