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Welcome to our resources for secondary schools:

RE Topics for years 7 – 13.

You can jump straight to the introduction for each unit here:

Year 7 | Year 8 | Year 9 | Year 10-11 | Year 12-13

Teachers: There are notes to go with these units. The links are at the bottom of each menu on the right.


Here is a selection of the videos in this area of the site:


Science Topics for years 7 – 13.


It seems to be uniquely human to wonder about the nature of the Universe. Dogs don’t seem bothered by the questions that stir our curiosity! In this part of the site, we offer articles and videos to highlight the types of questions that scientists ask and the ways in which they look for answers. Use the drop-down menu in the header bar to choose your year group.

There are also teacher notes and quizzes to support most of the content.

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