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Science or Religion … or both?diffraction glasses 4

Explore the topics below and see what YOU think.

One of the best known scientific theories must surely be the Theory of Evolution but what exactly does this theory say?  You can find out by visiting ‘A history of life on Earth’. We also bring you word of a giant tortoise and the famous scientist who rode it.

A question that is often asked is – Which is better, science or religion. If you’ve wondered this too – we’ve written a page for you (and it’s called, Which is Better!) When we’re trying to work out the differences between science and religion it is useful to think exactly what science is. The page Reasons in science? can really help here. The video on this page has a police forensics expert demonstrating how fingerprints are unique and can be used as evidence to place people at the scene of the crime.

Scientific theories demand the kind of evidence that everyone can see whereas the evidence for religion is not like this – visit this page Reasons for religion to find out what forms of evidence there are to support a religious faith.


If you’re sometimes left wondering, with so much scientific evidence to support the Big Bang theory, does it make sense to believe in Creation by God, then it’s time to visit this page Does the Big Bang Theory rule out Creation? From this page you can continue your investigations with these guys, the creation sleuths. (They have unearthed lots of information that may surprise you!)

What’s your idea of a miracle? What separates a miracle from a trick, a fluke or question-markscoincidence or just plain good luck? Visit Can a scientist believe in miracles to tease out some of these ideas and watch the video to hear from a scientist who is very comfortable with the idea of miracles.

(Painting, The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, James Tissot)

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