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Expert Articles

Welcome to the expert articles section of the site.

The articles by experts on the site (In Word format) are:
Professor Jim Al-Khalili challenges the brain with his question, Al-Khalili-What-is-time
Astrophysicist, Dr Rodney Holder explains why he believes in God Holder-astrophysics-and-God
Geologist, Denise Balmer, digs for an answer as to whether it is credible to believe that a flood that covered the Earth: "The Old Testament – Myth, Legend or Reality?"
Professor of mathematics, Eric Priest looks at the thorny question of whether we can believe the Bible's account of why life is here 'why are we here
Dr Ard Louis is a Reader in Theoretical Physics at Oxford University. In this article, he explain his ideas about "How can we obtain reliable knowledge about the world?"
Biologist, Dr Denis Alexander explains how he visualises God, in: What is God like?
Professor of Materials Science, Professor Sir Colin Humphreys addresses the question of whether a scientist can believe in miracles. Can a Scientist believe in Miracles?

What Is Time?

Our common everyday view of time is actually an out of date one.

It goes back to Isaac Newton, who believed that time was something independent that we have no control over. That time goes by at a constant rate (someone once said: at a rate of one second every second – stupid thing to …

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