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Guide to science and religion

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“Should Science Educators Deal with the Science/Religion Issue?”

Professor Michael Reiss explains the natures of science and religion and then looks at ways they are said to relate to each other. Finally Michael considers what can usefully be said to students in the classroom.

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Should Science Educators Deal with the Science/Religion Issue?

‘Creationism, intelligent design and science education’

Michael Poole: In this article I examine the meanings of the terms ‘creationism’ and ‘intelligent design’ and how they differ from traditional beliefs in creation and design. The article is offered for science teachers who may be unfamiliar with the ideas involved, but would like, briefly, to be able to tease out what is at issue for science education.

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‘Creationism, intelligent design and science education’

Different views about Origins

Dr Denis Alexander is a biologist and Christian. In this video he explains why he supports Theistic Evolution over a number of other ways to explain how life began. Within the video Dr Alexander gives explanations of the following views:
(1) Young Earth Creationism,
(2) Atheistic Evolution,
(3) Episodic Evolution (also called Intelligent Design)
(4) Theistic Evolution

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