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The evidence for God

Paul Hopkins asks the question (in relation to a trip to Seville) how much proof is enough proof to believe that something is true (in this case, to prove that Seville actually exists)?

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, a Christian scientist, acknowledges that we cannot prove …

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Ideas and Evidence

A police fingerprint expert explains how fingerprinting provides very good scientific evidence in criminal investigations.

The notion of evidence and proof within science is looked at in relation to scientific theories.

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Can you prove God exists?

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, a Christian scientist, acknowledges that we cannot prove the existence of God, but goes on to explain why he feels that this can be viewed as an important part of religious faith.

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Galileo and the falling objects mystery

An actor in the guise of Galileo, talks to Yr8 students about how ‘he’ challenged Aristotle’s understanding of the characteristics of falling objects, and established that Aristotle was not always right.

Well-established theories in science can be superseded if new scientific evidence contradicts them.

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What’s in the box?

Students rattle a box and take educated guesses at its contents.  The viewer is then invited to take part in this activity.

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A science question

Yr7 students discuss how they know when a question is a science question.  Daisy the Duck obliges with a novel (and noisy) example of what constitutes a science question and how it can be investigated.  The notion of some questions not being open to …

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Did the Big Bang really happen?

Professor Jim Al-khalili, Physicist, says why ‘at the moment’ (based on current evidence) he thinks the Big Bang theory is correct.

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Coke Fountain

Starting with Yr7 students demonstrating a coke fountain, this video explains that science is all about observations.  The scientific concepts of experiment, theory and hypothesis are introduced.

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How do we know what we know?

How do we know what we know is true?  How can we test our knowledge?

Scientific investigation is a good way to test certain types of knowledge.

Biologists Dr Denis Alexander and Professor John Bryant talk about how science helps us to find out about …

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