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The Cosmic Calendar

Suppose the Universe began on January 1st and its lifetime fitted into one year.  Students and viewers are invited to ‘guesstimate’ when in the year the key events might have occurred.

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What ammonites tell us


Geologist, Denise Balmer demonstrates to students, with the help of plasticine ‘fossil’ layers how ammonites have evolved and changed over time.

She explains how geologists are able to use the distinct evolutionary stages of ammonites as indicators of the age of rock formations around the …

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Four ways to think about Evolution and Creation

Dr Denis Alexander, Biologist and Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, talks about four stances in relation to Creation and Evolution.

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What is it with humans?

Students visit Down House, Darwin’s home, and comment on the man and his work.

Geneticist, Professor John Bryant is questioned on whether humanity can ever be understood in terms of science alone.  He comments that he would find it unsatisfactory to limit his horizons to …

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A one-minute guide to Darwin’s theory of evolution

A sixty-second round-up of Darwin’s theory of evolution with Dr Paul Davies; illustrating the kind of thinking and careful science that led Darwin towards his ground-breaking and historic conclusions.

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Your quick guide to … Creationism, Atheism and Theistic Evolutionism

Dr Denis Alexander, Biologist and Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, talks about three stances in relation to Creation and Evolution : Young Earth Creationism; Theistic Evolutionism; and Atheistic Evolutionism.

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The Big Questions… of Life… the Universe… and Everything

With input from students, from biologist Dr Denis Alexander and physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili, the fundamental questions of life and the universe are explored and contributors suggest how we might go about looking for answers, both from the realm of science and from religious …

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“Stop monkeying around” angry students tell a top scientist

A portrayal of Darwin and the impact of his work upon our thinking.

Yr9 students interact with a Darwin persona through a series of letters.

We see Darwin addressing the issues raised in the students’ letters from various locations around Oxford and from the Oxford …

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