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The Cosmic Calendar

Suppose the Universe began on January 1st and its lifetime fitted into one year.  Students and viewers are invited to ‘guesstimate’ when in the year the key events might have occurred.

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What ammonites tell us

Geologist, Denise Balmer demonstrates to students, with the help of plasticine ‘fossil’ layers how ammonites have evolved and changed over time.

She explains how geologists are able to use the distinct evolutionary stages of ammonites as indicators of the age of …

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Ideas and Evidence

A police fingerprint expert explains how fingerprinting provides very good scientific evidence in criminal investigations.

The notion of evidence and proof within science is looked at in relation to scientific theories.

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Are science and religion at war?

Yr9 students at Maiden Erlegh School vote with their feet to answer the question, ‘Are science and religion at war?’

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The science of illusion

A snapshot of the optical research of Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka, with a selection of the mind-tricking optical illusions he has created.

The video stands as an example of what science can encompass.

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Is Noah’s Ark story true?

Yr7 students discuss whether the Noah’s Ark story might be true.  Denise Balmer, a geologist, helps them to decide how plausible the story is.   The students vote (before and after) on whether they believe the story is true, exaggerated or rubbish!

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Raisin Ballet

A lively demonstration of how raisins appear to ‘dance’ in a glass of lemonade; repeatedly rising to the top of the glass, then sinking to the bottom.

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