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God and the Big Bang

This video compares explanations of creation from science and religious perspectives.    Students share their ideas on how ideas in science and religion may fit together.

Dr Jennifer Wiseman, astronomer, answers students’ questions and explains why she thinks science and religion can both contribute to an …

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How can we have free will if God knows everything?

Does the existence of an all-knowing God rule out human free will?  John Bryant responds to this question posed by a student, by asserting that yes, God has allowed us to choose how to behave.

He bases his assertion on all the evidence we have …

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Where is the soul?

Students ask biologist, Professor John Bryant, where he considers the soul or spirit of a human to be.

He suggests that the soul is, in a sense, a quality rather than a thing and can no more be located within the person than the mind …

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At what point does an embryo become a person?

When can we say that a developing organism is a person?  Biologist, Professor John Bryant says it is a mistake to try to pinpoint a moment.

He talks about significant points in human development, but suggests that even a newborn baby is not a fully-fledged …

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Four ways to think about Evolution and Creation

Dr Denis Alexander, Biologist and Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, talks about four stances in relation to Creation and Evolution.

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What is God doing now?

What kind of God can you believe in if you are a scientist?

Where does God fit in? Professor Sir Colin Humphreys talks about how he believes that God not only created the universe through Big Bang, but is all the time active within it; …

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Ways to understand the Christian and Jewish and Islamic Creation story

Paul Hopkins discusses the nature of the creation story.  Students read and comment on a formal statement and a poem in terms of the kind of language that is used.

Dr Ard Louis, Physicist, talks about his view of scriptures and the kinds of truth …

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Can a scientist believe in miracles?

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys talks about his work at Cambridge University and how his belief in miracles relates to his experience as a materials scientist.

He demonstrates to students the properties of a ‘memory metal’ that can be straightened, but ‘remembers’ its shape.  He explains …

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Your quick guide to … Creationism, Atheism and Theistic Evolutionism

Dr Denis Alexander, Biologist and Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, talks about three stances in relation to Creation and Evolution : Young Earth Creationism; Theistic Evolutionism; and Atheistic Evolutionism.

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Science tells you how and religion tells you why…

Astronomer, Dr Jennifer Wiseman thinks about the types of questions suited to scientific investigation and considers too, whether biblical texts were meant to be used to address detailed questions about the natural world.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Physicist, suggests how Muslim scientists, probing the deep questions, …

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