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The Cosmic Calendar

Suppose the Universe began on January 1st and its lifetime fitted into one year.  Students and viewers are invited to ‘guesstimate’ when in the year the key events might have occurred.

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The Big Bang theory

With contributions from physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili and astronomer Dr Jennifer Wiseman, this video explores the strength of Big Bang as a theory and explains some of the physics behind the theory.

How scientists have estimated the age of the Universe is  explained, based on …

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What is it with humans?

Students visit Down House, Darwin’s home, and comment on the man and his work.

Geneticist, Professor John Bryant is questioned on whether humanity can ever be understood in terms of science alone.  He comments that he would find it unsatisfactory to limit his horizons to …

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A one-minute guide to Darwin’s theory of evolution

A sixty-second round-up of Darwin’s theory of evolution with Dr Paul Davies; illustrating the kind of thinking and careful science that led Darwin towards his ground-breaking and historic conclusions.

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Ideas and Evidence

A police fingerprint expert explains how fingerprinting provides very good scientific evidence in criminal investigations.

The notion of evidence and proof within science is looked at in relation to scientific theories.

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What’s in the box?

Students rattle a box and take educated guesses at its contents.  The viewer is then invited to take part in this activity.

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The science of illusion

A snapshot of the optical research of Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka, with a selection of the mind-tricking optical illusions he has created.

The video stands as an example of what science can encompass.

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Did the Big Bang really happen?

Professor Jim Al-khalili, Physicist, says why ‘at the moment’ (based on current evidence) he thinks the Big Bang theory is correct.

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Raisin Ballet

A lively demonstration of how raisins appear to ‘dance’ in a glass of lemonade; repeatedly rising to the top of the glass, then sinking to the bottom.

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