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Poster: Sheep


How many sheep do you see in the poster? 6? How many eyes on the sheep? 12? How many legs? 24? This poster represents a scientific view of nature. At a deep level, everything seems connected and everything seems orderly. There are 6 sheep, 12 eyes, 24 legs … or should that be 25?

No, definitely 24.

When scientists look at the world, they see patterns. Based on those patterns, they write laws and make predictions. Suppose there were 10 sheep in the field, how many legs do you predict then? Hey, you work it out!

But supposing one day, you are looking into the field and you realise that one of the sheep is different. No one else has spotted it. Maybe it’s not worth worrying about; maybe it means you’ve made a mistake, but then again, maybe it means that the next Nobel prize for science has your name on it.

So which is the odd sheep?

Look at the tails and think outside the box.

Think outside the yellow box. Look at the tails again.

Spotted it?

Of course you did, there’s a great scientist in all of us.


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