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What is it with humans?

Students visit Down House, Darwin’s home, and comment on the man and his work.

Geneticist, Professor John Bryant is questioned on whether humanity can ever be understood in terms of science alone.  He comments that he would find it unsatisfactory to limit his horizons to …

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A one-minute guide to Darwin’s theory of evolution

A sixty-second round-up of Darwin’s theory of evolution with Dr Paul Davies; illustrating the kind of thinking and careful science that led Darwin towards his ground-breaking and historic conclusions.

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The evidence for God

Paul Hopkins asks the question (in relation to a trip to Seville) how much proof is enough proof to believe that something is true (in this case, to prove that Seville actually exists)?

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, a Christian scientist, acknowledges that we cannot prove …

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Ideas and Evidence

A police fingerprint expert explains how fingerprinting provides very good scientific evidence in criminal investigations.

The notion of evidence and proof within science is looked at in relation to scientific theories.

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Can a scientist believe in miracles?

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys talks about his work at Cambridge University and how his belief in miracles relates to his experience as a materials scientist.

He demonstrates to students the properties of a ‘memory metal’ that can be straightened, but ‘remembers’ its shape.  He explains …

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Your quick guide to … Creationism, Atheism and Theistic Evolutionism

Dr Denis Alexander, Biologist and Director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, talks about three stances in relation to Creation and Evolution : Young Earth Creationism; Theistic Evolutionism; and Atheistic Evolutionism.

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Science tells you how and religion tells you why…

Astronomer, Dr Jennifer Wiseman thinks about the types of questions suited to scientific investigation and considers too, whether biblical texts were meant to be used to address detailed questions about the natural world.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Physicist, suggests how Muslim scientists, probing the deep questions, …

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The Big Questions… of Life… the Universe… and Everything

With input from students, from biologist Dr Denis Alexander and physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalili, the fundamental questions of life and the universe are explored and contributors suggest how we might go about looking for answers, both from the realm of science and from religious …

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Are science and religion at war?

Yr9 students at Maiden Erlegh School vote with their feet to answer the question, ‘Are science and religion at war?’

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Can you prove God exists?

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, a Christian scientist, acknowledges that we cannot prove the existence of God, but goes on to explain why he feels that this can be viewed as an important part of religious faith.

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