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Galileo and the falling objects mystery

An actor in the guise of Galileo, talks to Yr8 students about how ‘he’ challenged Aristotle’s understanding of the characteristics of falling objects, and established that Aristotle was not always right.

Well-established theories in science can be superseded if new scientific evidence contradicts them.

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What’s in the box?

Students rattle a box and take educated guesses at its contents.  The viewer is then invited to take part in this activity.

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How did the universe begin?

Starting with an extended and simplified overview of Big Bang, this video explores (with contributions from Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Professor Sir Colin Humphreys, Dr Ard Louis, Revd Dr Rodney Holder and from students) whether scientific theories of creation are convincing.  The question of whether …

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Galileo rocks the boat

An exploration and enactment of the life, science and faith of Galileo, with Yr8 students and an unexpected classroom visitor.

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The science of illusion

A snapshot of the optical research of Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka, with a selection of the mind-tricking optical illusions he has created.

The video stands as an example of what science can encompass.

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“Stop monkeying around” angry students tell a top scientist

A portrayal of Darwin and the impact of his work upon our thinking.

Yr9 students interact with a Darwin persona through a series of letters.

We see Darwin addressing the issues raised in the students’ letters from various locations around Oxford and from the Oxford …

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Is Noah’s Ark story true?

Yr7 students discuss whether the Noah’s Ark story might be true.  Denise Balmer, a geologist, helps them to decide how plausible the story is.   The students vote (before and after) on whether they believe the story is true, exaggerated or rubbish!

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Why a scientist reads the Bible

Dr Ard Louis talks about his work as a theoretical physicist and how he approaches an understanding of Biblical texts.  He discusses, as an example, the first two chapters of Genesis.

He explains that great theologians understood scripture metaphorically, long before science challenged the literal …

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Which came first science or God?

Materials scientist, Professor  Sir Colin Humphreys explains why he thinks God came first, before science and that He created the universe.

Scientists study the mechanism of creation, but science, it is suggested, cannot answer questions about why the universe was created.

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A science question

Yr7 students discuss how they know when a question is a science question.  Daisy the Duck obliges with a novel (and noisy) example of what constitutes a science question and how it can be investigated.  The notion of some questions not being open to …

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