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Introducing … the Creation Sleuths

These two sleuths love a puzzle – and we have just the puzzle for them! We want them to find out why some people believe that science and religion can both be true. We’ve set them the challenge of investigating a creation story which is shared by Christians, Muslims and Jews. Here are some of the lines from this story, as it appears in the Bible:


In the beginning …


Here is the first question we’ve set the sleuths.

If the Bible says the Universe was made in a matter of days and science said it took billions of years, which should we believe?

The sleuths set to work and roam far and wide, hunting for clues. The minutes turn to hours and then suddenly they are back to say that they have found an expert to help with the challenge. Here is a video of his answer. See what you think!

A Scientist who reads the Bible explains what it means to him

Not a bad clue at all!

This interview with Dr Ard Louis was quite a find.

Dr Louis said that in his view,  the Christian Creation story was not written to tell us facts and figures about the Universe. For  Dr Louis, the creation story in the Bible is important because it considers questions that science cannot investigate.  One of these big questions is – “Why does anything exist at all?”

The answer in this and many religious creation stories is that – everything exists because of God.

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