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Conversations with Darwin

Mr Charles Darwin takes some entertaining phone calls
Suppose Darwin had had access to a phone. Who would he have phoned and what would he have said? Who would have phoned him and what would they have said? Shelford School put their imaginations to work.

[two_columns …

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How did life begin?

By David

Science is often looked at as the search for truths and religion is looked at as being the search for ideals, therefore making them very different topics. I do not look at it like this, however, as I think …

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How life started

By Cameron

In Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein, the doctor creates life from old body parts and an electric current from a lightning strike. We used to believe that this was impossible, but this might not still be the case, as putting an electric …

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The Origins of life in science and Judeo-Christianity

By Nathan

In the Christian religion, vegetative life on earth started when God declared “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds.” This quote from the Bible is …

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Essay on the start of life

By Georgia

There are many different ingredients in the theories about the origin of the earth and the start of life, including meteorites, colliding comets, volcanoes and reactions in pools or clouds driven by lightning or radiation. Each theory uses evidence in particular …

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How was the earth created and how did life start?

By Hannah

How was the earth created? Was it in six days as the Bible says, or was it how scientists have said, by ‘The Big Bang’ theory? I have been brought up as a Christian by my Christian parents. We go …

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The debate on the origins of life in faith and science

By Dominic

There is an ongoing debate about the origins of life between ‘science’ and ‘faith’. It is complex and varied but there is some common ground. From the point of view of science, life was created by having plausible prebiotic conditions …

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