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Essay on the start of life

By Georgia

There are many different ingredients in the theories about the origin of the earth and the start of life, including meteorites, colliding comets, volcanoes and reactions in pools or clouds driven by lightning or radiation. Each theory uses evidence in particular combinations, all combining the elements that exist in the early earth and the possible reactions they can show.

However, after many years of attempting to answer these questions scientists are still undecided. Numerous rockets and craft have been sent to the moon, Mars and other bodies in the Solar System to find out what has happened elsewhere, mostly with little success, only fuelling further speculation and doing little to advance current theories.

Even though this work has been carried out in great detail, I find myself asking whether it is all really necessary. Is it vital to our survival? My answer is no! It wastes lots of money that could be better spent, such as tackling poverty. Even if we did find out how the world was created or the start of life, what significant change could it bring about?

In my opinion we should simply look to the Bible. To me it is not important to know just how life started. Some questions are best left alone- I just put my trust in God and believe that He created the world. It is not important that there are some details missing from the Bible- if it was important we would have been told in an obvious and relevant way. I once read, “We have not been called to understand, we have been called to trust.” What we need to know will come to light in its own time. We should trust that we are here for a reason, and that what is meant to be is meant to be.

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