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How was the earth created and how did life start?

By Hannah

How was the earth created? Was it in six days as the Bible says, or was it how scientists have said, by ‘The Big Bang’ theory? I have been brought up as a Christian by my Christian parents. We go to church often and I went to Sunday Club and now go to ‘New Way’ services. So my upbringing has told me that it was God who created the world. (quotation of Genesis 1:1 to verse 5) And so it goes on. God made heaven on the second day, the water and land creatures and finally man. Man was created in His image with the plants on the sixth day. I do follow this and believe that this is how it happened. The world could not just come about. It had to take ideas and precision. It could not happen without someone watching over it.

However, this does not mean that I am against all scientific ideas on the creation of the world. Life on earth may well have relied on meteorite impacts and the arrival of molecules from cometary bombardments. I agree with the scientific thinking, but I believe that God stands over it all, looking down on the process. Something has to control everything to make things happen the way they did. Nothing happens without a reason.

When the Bible was written there were no scientists to tell them how the earth was created, but the order of events in Genesis is broadly correct. If the Bible is just a story, how did the writers manage to get the order of events the same as the scientists who look at rocks and fossils?

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