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Thinking about Science and Religion

Questions, Questions and More Questions … oh and some answers!

Our website was set up to help you think about Science and Religion. We hope you will browse the RE pages to find out more.  Here are some pages you might like to visit …

Science or Religion … or both?

Explore the topics below and see what YOU think.

If you’re sometimes left wondering, with so much scientific evidence to support the Big Bang theory, whether there is room left for the Creation story, then it’s time to visit this page Does the Big Bang Theory rule out Creation?  From this page you can continue your investigations with these guys, the creation sleuths.  (They have unearthed lots of information that may surprise you!)

And a really BIG question … How did life on Earth begin?

Whether you go for the meteorite theory or the slimy soup theory or something completely different, you will find lots to chew on with this page Why does life exist?  And on the same page six Year 10 students tell us how they think the first living forms came into existence.

(Nasa image of a meteorite impact crater in Namibia)

What’s your idea of a miracle?  What separates a miracle from a trick, a fluke or coincidence or just plain good luck?  Visit  Can a scientist believe in miracles to tease out some of these ideas and watch the video to learn how one scientist is very comfortable with the idea of miracles.

(Painting, The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes, James Tissot)

When we’re trying to work out the differences between science and religion it is useful to think exactly what science is.  The page  What is a scientific theory? can really help here.  The video on this page has a police forensics expert demonstrating how fingerprints are unique and can be used as evidence to place people at the scene of the crime.

Scientific theories demand hard evidence whereas the evidence for religion is not like this – visit this page Evidence for religious ideas to find out what forms of evidence there are to support a religious faith.

Finally, three students give us their views about The Big Questions (of life … the Universe … and Everything … ) and explain how they see Science and Religion and whether they could fit together.

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