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Creation Sleuths (continued)

On the Case and Doing Well

As you’ll know if you’ve been reading the previous page, we have set two Sleuths a question:
If the Bible says the Universe was made in a matter of days and science said it took billions of years, which should we believe?

Our sleuths are pleased with everything they have discovered so far but we will not let them rest yet. Hey, sleuths, you’ve suggested that the text sounds more like poetry than fact. Are there other reasons to suggest that the writer of this story did not intend it to be read literally?

Take another look


Finished? Not so fast!

Our sleuths seem to be on a roll. But things may be about to change. This mission is not over. We have a second challenge for the sleuths, one that may foil them totally.

And, hey sleuths, we have a problem. We have received a message below from a scientist who is a Christian and who wants you to know how he compares the ideas from science and those from religion. But in his message there are two phrases that are particularly difficult to understand. There’s something about bacteria in soup (soup??) and something else about revealing truth. We want to know what these ideas mean. Have a read and see if you can work it out.


Science explains …

Science explains that billions of years ago, matter in the Universe gathered to form stars. It also explains that on Earth, the first life began when chemicals came together in what is sometimes called, the primordial soup.

The Creation story explains …

I believe this story is God’s revealed truth. It is not a scientific story but it is important for a different reason – which is the truth it tells us about God. For example the story tells us that God wants his people to have a personal relationship with him.


So sleuths, please tell us

a) What is meant by revealed truth?

b) What is primordial soup?

Former Archbishop, Dr Rowan Williams

Our sleuths have done well. They have uncovered the way that most Christians today understand the Creation story in the Bible. But before they head off to find their next case, they have two more videos to present. These are answers to questions by the then Archbishop of Canterbury, the senior bishop of the Church of England.



All that remains is to set you a challenge to test your powers of sleuthing and deduction. Try it here.

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