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Is the story of Noah’s Ark true?

A few thousand years ago, the Bible tells us, the people of Earth had become greedy, evil and sinful.

God felt the only solution was to send a flood to wipe them out.

But there was one man, a farmer called Noah, who was a good man. God told Noah that he and his family would be saved. So Noah built a gigantic vessel, big enough to carry him, his family and two of every kind of animal in the world.

The Bible and the Qur’an say Noah’s Ark was built on God’s command.

As the rain began to fall, they hurried aboard. The puddles became a flood and the ark lifted off the ground. After forty days of rain there was no dry land to be seen anywhere. The flood lasted for more than a year and for all that time, the ark and its extraordinary cargo stayed afloat.

Is this just too unbelievable to be true?

The Noah’s ark story, if it’s true, is amazing. But is it true? Here are the questions we came up with.

The first question we decided to tackle was, “How many animals could fit on the ark?” Read the article below and decide what you think.

According to the Bible, the ark was absolutely HUGE! The boat in the photo is a half-sized model of the real thing (if it existed).

This ship is a half-scale replica of what the ark might have looked like.

The ark was 135 metres long (about as long as six tennis courts) and it was taller than a three-storey building. But even so, it’s hard to imagine that any ship could carry so many creatures and keep them alive for over a year, which is how long the Bible says they were all on board.

Let’s go on to the next page which asks  “Just how many creatures were there? And what kind of weight did they collectively have?

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