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Finishing the Creation puzzle

Summary of Creation Ideas

The Creation Sleuths have finished their investigations and have produced a summary of their findings. Here it is below.



Sleuths’ answer

1. If the Bible says the Universe was made in  a matter of days and science said it took billions of years, which should we believe?

Most Christians believe that the Creation story is written in poetic language, called High Prose. They say that the writer did not intend it to be read literally.

2. If the Creation story is not providing information about how the Universe began, why do Christians study it?

Most Christians believe that the Creation story is intended to tell God’s people about God and his expectations for people. It says that God is the reason that everything exists and that God wants people to know about him and relate to him.


Now, here’s a writing challenge for YOU!

Suppose you are the celebrity guest at a poetry festival. You’ve been asked to open the festival by reading out a poem that you yourself have written. The topic is “My favourite meal.” The word limit is 50 words. Write the poem that you will read out on the day.

Second challenge: Now you are the celebrity guest appearing on a cookery show. The host of the show is a chef. He says he will cook your favourite meal for you. Before the show he asks you to send him details to help him to make it just the way you like it. Please write him an email. The subject line should say: “My favourite meal.”

Compare these two pieces of writing. What are their purposes and how are they different? How does this help you to think about the different types of writing in the Bible and in a science text book?

Dear Chef: My favourite Meal:
To make the pastry: Sift flour into a bowl.
Cut butter into small pieces and add to flour.
Rub in the butter and add cold water.
For the filling: chicken, potato, peas.
Cook for about 20 minutes.

How would you feel if you stood up to read your poem at the Poetry Festival, only to discover that you’d printed out your email and not your poem?

Try this word puzzle

Drag the words from the bottom to where you think they should go in the main text.

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