SRSP 11-16 Topic 1 Unit 1a – How does Religion make sense of the world?


This unit seeks to build on students’ understanding of how religion works, and how religion makes sense of the world. The word religion comes from a Latin word meaning ‘to bind’ and so often we study in Religious Education how religion binds people together in common beliefs, practices, and rituals.

In the 11-14 unit students consider the world about them and the different ways in which people make sense of it. They look at the ways in which people interact with the world and develop a world-view. The 14-16 students consider why in a post-modern age we still have religion and the ways in which science and religion interact.

Students who are studying this unit should be able to:

Give examples of what people gain from their religion/faith

Show an example of thinking about their own beliefs, and of learning something from common human experience

Express and justify an opinion while revealing an awareness of different viewpoints

Consider why religion is still with us in the 21st century

This unit consists of 5 lessons, an introductory unit, 2 lessons for students aged 11-14 and 2 lessons for students aged 14-16.


Key Questions

  • What is religion?
  • What are the common phenomena of religions?
  • What do religious believers gain from their faith?
  • How can we make judgments about what people believe and understand the ideas?
  • Do science and religion have anything in common?

Some of the materials can be viewed on screen and some can be downloaded for editing or printing. To view the pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. See the about section for more details.


Lesson Plan: A bridge from unit 1a (Word)

Student Worksheet: Science and Spirituality (Word)

Powerpoint Resource: Why RE? (PPT)

Powerpoint Resource: World of religion (PPT)


Ages 11-14

Unit Resources

Unit Overview (Word)


Lesson 1

Lesson Plan: Snowflakes and Stars (Word)

Teacher Resource 1: Snowflake Poem (Word)

Student Worksheet: Snowflakes and stars (Word)


Lesson 2

Lesson Plan: Seeing and believing (Word)

Student Worksheet 1: Seeing and believing I (Word)

Student Worksheet 2: Seeing and believing II (Word)


Ages 14-16

Unit Resources

Unit Overview (Word)


Lesson 1

Lesson Plan: Who wants religion I? (Word)

Student Worksheet 1: Why has religion not died out? (Word)

Student Homework Sheet (Word)


Lesson 2

Lesson Plan: Who wants religion II? (Word)

Student Worksheet 1: Essay Title (Word)

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