SRSP 11-16 Topic 1 Unit 2f – How does Sikhism make sense of the world?


This unit seeks to investigate and evaluate Sikh beliefs about the creation of the world, whilst comparing and contrasting religious beliefs with scientific understanding. It asks students to think about issues important to some Sikhs concerning environmental development in the world.

The questions that modern science raises do not affect the religious outlook of the majority of Sikhs living in the world today. Unlike the Christian tradition, which has been called upon to develop meaningful responses to the scientific challenge of its traditional worldview, the description of the world and the religious practices contained in the Sikh sacred writings have come down to their present-day adherents virtually unchanged.

The examination of Sikh religious teachings in the light of scientific theories is, no doubt, an important pursuit to some Sikh intellectuals but this activity has not given rise to a body of literature and remains primarily a personal matter, having little or no impact on the lives of most practising Sikhs.

This unit consists of 2 lessons and is suitable for students aged from 11 to 14 years


Key Questions

  • What are the similarities and differences between the ways a Sikh and a scientist would view the world?
  • How would the Sikh tradition respond to the perceived destruction of the natural world by uses of science and technology?

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Unit Resources

Unit Overview (Word)


Lesson 1

Lesson Plan: How did the universe begin? (Word)

Student Resource 1: Creation from a Sikh viewpoint (Word)

Student Resource 2: The Big Bang theory (Word)

Student Worksheet 1: In the beginning (Word)

Student Worksheet 2: What have we discovered (Word)


Lesson 2

Lesson Plan: What are Sikh attitudes to the environment? (Word)

Worksheet 1: Sikhism and the environment (Word)

Worksheet 2: Sikhism & the environment: Key beliefs & concepts (Word)

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