SRSP 16-19 Topic 5 Unit 1c – A Hindu Perspective


Many attempts have been made to explore the relationship between what science and religion have to say about aspects of reality. Some Hindus want to see the Hindu scriptures anticipating developments in science. Some even look for parallels between the way these two ways of seeing the world talk about specific concepts such as time and energy. Other Hindu thinkers would say that religious and scientific views are in fact at loggerheads; if one is right, the other is wrong.

Others argue that here are two different kinds of narrative. Religion and science are not trying to tell the same story at all and attempts to assimilate the two fundamentally misunderstands both what science is trying to say and what religious traditions are trying to say. In this unit students have the opportunity to examine a few case studies and to consider whether an appropriate dialogue between some Hindu thinkers and aspects of the scientific enterprise has taken place.

This unit consists of 3 lessons and is suitable for students aged from 16 to 19 years


Key Questions

  • Is there a uniform Hindu perspective on modern science?
  • How have some individuals attempted to engage in conversation between traditional Hindu understandings of the nature of reality and the views of modern science?
  • Is it possible, or even desirable, to attempt to find convergences between the languages of science and Hinduism?

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Unit Resources

Unit Overview (Word)


An interview with Mark Bhagwandin, education officer of Life, and a Hindu.

If you’d like to download this video, right click this link and select “Save link as”


Link to Anindita N.Balslev video [Need to be online]

Student Resource Sheet: A Hindu Glossary (Word)


Lesson 1

Lesson Plan: Hindu Perceptions I (Word)

Teacher’s Notes 1: Purusha Sukta (Rig Veda 10.90) (Word)

Teacher’s Notes 2: The hymn of creation (Rig Veda 10.129) (Word)

Student Worksheet 1: Hymn of Creation from the Rig Veda (Word)

Resource Powerpoint: Hymn of Creation (PPT)

Student Worksheet 2: The Purusha Sukta – Rig Veda 10.90 (Word)

Student Worksheet 3: Natural Order (Word)


Lesson 2

Lesson Plan: Hindu Perceptions II (Word)

Teacher’s Notes 1: Samkhya philosophy – some key ideas (Word)

Teacher’s Notes 2: Vedanta philosophy – key ideas (Word)

Student Resource Sheet 1: Nikola Tesla 1856-1943 (Word)

Student Resource Sheet 2: Swami Vivekananda 1863-1902 (Word)

Student Resource Sheet 3: Nikola Tesla on kinetic energy (Word)

Student Resource Sheet 4: Vivekananda and Tesla (Word)

Student Resource Sheet 5: Interview with Mark Bhagwandin (Word)

Student Worksheet 1: Interview with Mark Bhagwandin (Word)

Student Worksheet 2: Interview with Anindita Balslev (Word)


Lesson 3

Lesson Plan: Hindu Perceptions III (Word)

Teacher’s Notes (Word)

Student Resource Sheet 1: Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity (Word)

Student Resource Sheet 2: Seer or scientist? (Word)

Student Worksheet 1: Different views of time (Word)

Student Worksheet 2: Hinduism and science (Word)

Student Worksheet 3: Presentation Task (Word)

Student Worksheet 4: Seer or scientist? (Word)

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