SRSP 7-11 Unit 7 Pythagoras and the world of numbers


Change and perfection, finite and infinite are important aspects of the science and religion debate and they are the subject of this unit.

These concepts are approached through ideas about the nature of maths and combine with the contemplation of the spiritual in art.

The unit links ideas in science, maths, religion, art and philosophy and encourages new and deeper ways of thinking.

This unit consists of four lessons and is suitable for pupils aged from 8-11 years.


Key Questions

  • Were numbers invented or discovered?
  • Are numbers real?
  • Do numbers go on for ever?
  • Does perfect also mean unchanging?

Some of the materials can be viewed on screen and some can be downloaded for editing or printing. To view the pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, to listen to the AV files you need to have the Quicktime plugin. See the about section for more details.

Unit Resources

Unit Proforma and links to RE and science curricula (Word)

Unit Proforma and links to RE and science curricula (PDF)


Lesson 1

Lesson Plan (Word)

Pupil Resource Sheet 1: How did mummies do maths? (Word)

Pupil Resource Sheet 2: Are numbers real? (Word)


Lesson 2

Lesson Plan (Word)

Pupil Resource Sheet 1: Everything is numbers? (Word)

Pupil Work Sheet 1: Matrix diagram (Word)


Lesson 3

Lesson Plan (Word)

Pupil Resource Sheet 1: What makes a pig, a pig? (Word)

Teacher Resource Sheet 1: The myth of the cave (Word)


Lesson 4

Lesson Plan (Word)

Pupil Resource Sheet 1: Tiles based on Islamic design (Word)

Pupil Resource Sheet 2: Using a graphics program to create tiles (Word)

Resource Template 1: Islamic art template (1) (Word)

Resource Template 2: Islamic art template (2) (Word)

Teacher Resource Sheet 1: Islamic patterns (Word)

Teacher Resource Sheet 2: Ban the bomb logo (Word)

Teacher Resource Sheet 3: Islamic Art patterns (PPT)


Unit Assessment: Invented or discovered (Word)


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