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An Interview with Jay Lakhani



Jay Lakhani is a theoretical physicist who has explored the findings at the cutting edge of modern physics to see how they relate to ideas of spirituality within the Hindu tradition.


Please tell us a little about yourself.

I studied Physics at Imperial College and then did Masters in Quantum Physics under Sir Roger Penrose while I was studying Physics my attention was drawn to the esoteric teachings of Hinduism that seem to resonate well with ideas like ‘Big Bang’ (spontaneous creation) and ‘Quantum’ indicating a deeper dimension to reality which is non-physical.

In the web article on science and Hinduism you address the issue of the Human condition. Could you expand on this?

Human beings are trying to come to terms with the world they inhabit. Both the physical world as well as their inner make-up dictates the way they see themselves and behave. This is what we mean by addressing and resolving the Human Condition.

Download this inteview, including the web article on Hinduism and science as a Word document


Spotlight on Evolution

More Videos …

Jay Lakhani has explored the relationships between science and religion in a talk given to Year 10 pupils at Watford Grammar School. The talk, divided into seven short videos, can be accessed via Youtube by copying and pasting the following titles:

Science and Religion part 1 – Can there be reconciliation between science and religion?

Science and Religion part 2 – God is just a ploy

Science and Religion part 3 – What is quantum?

Science and Religion part 4 – How do you define living things?

Science and Religion part 5 – Is there a need for religions to evolve?

Science and Religion part 6 – Should we challenge organised religious teachings?

Science and Religion part 7 – What is the spirit?

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