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Darwin and Evolution

Darwin’s theory of evolution has been thought to present a challenge for people who hold a religious perspective. Darwin’s theory suggests that one species can give rise to another, gradually across time.

To come up with his ideas, Darwin studied plants and animals around the world. His conclusion was that the amazing range of living things we see here now, have come from simpler creatures from long ago.  The timescales are huge so don’t expect to see species changing before your eyes!

The idea that humans have evolved from tiny, simple, single-celled creatures seems hard to believe. It also sounds like a challenge to the belief that many religions argue for – which is that humans are special because we are created by God. How do scientists who believe in a Creator God respond to the idea of evolution? In this video we look at what Darwin’s theory seems to say about the nature of being human and then turn to Professor John Bryant, a Christian and scientist for his comments.

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