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Evidence in Religion

Religion and Religious evidence

Many questions in religion are difficult to answer conclusively. Take for example the question of whether God exists. Here are some of the ways that religious people argue for their belief in a Creator God. As you’ll see, these forms of evidence are far from being proof of God’s existence. There are other ways to interpret the same observations:


The Argument from Design

You probably agree that our Universe is amazing. Some people see the beauty of nature as evidence that our Universe is God’s brainwave; Others say that this is how nature turned out and it’s just part of being human to want to think everything is here for a reason.


The Cosmological Argument

Our Earth is sometimes called the ‘Goldilocks planet’. This is the place where everything is ‘just right’ for life. There’s water, warmth and everything that’s needed for life to start. Some people see the development of life on Earth as evidence of God’s Creative work in progress. Others do not. They say that things could have turned out differently (in which case humans would probably not be here)


A passion for exploring

Some religious people see the existence of science itself as evidence for the idea that God exists. God created a universe which can be explored using science and He gave humans a passion for exploring. Once again, this is far from the only way to explain why people are attracted to puzzles and mysteries.

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