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To conclude …

To Conclude

Science and religion are mostly concerned with very different types of questions. The types of questions that science explores are ones that can be addressed by gathering physical evidence. But many of the questions that religion explores – such as Does God Exist – cannot be addressed this way.


What is Science?

One useful way of thinking about science is that it is a way of organizing knowledge about the physical world with a view to making predictions that can be tested; this allows laws and theories to be developed which help to explain how things work.

What is Religion?

Religion normally relies on beliefs and some sort of spirituality and is part of what we call culture; also most say something about how people should live and teach moral values. Unlike private faith, religions are organised and have special texts, symbols and customs. Religion is very often passed down through generations, something called tradition.


Einstein was once asked if he thought everything could be put into scientific terms and he replied, “Yes, that is conceivable, but it would make no sense. It would be as if one were to reproduce Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in the form of an air pressure curve”.

Science and religious faith

So are science and religion conflicting ways to see the world – or are they two perspectives that can fit together? What do you think?


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