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Why are there many religions?

Arguments against God’s existence

There are two issues which many people say lead them to doubt that God exists. One is the issue of natural disasters (see Natural Disasters); The other is that in religion, there seem to be many faith positions. Surely they can’t all be right?

Students at St Edward’s school in Windsor wrote to the then Archbishop of Canterbury to ask him this and a number of other questions. You can see his answers below.


“How do you think about science and religion – are they in conflict in your view?”

The former Archbishop of Canterbury

As Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, was the senior bishop of the Church of England. He was the bishop for the diocese of Canterbury (the local churches in most of Kent) and his work as a Christian leader throughout England and internationally was rooted in that role.

Dr Williams was also the focus of unity of the Anglican Communion, a family of churches with 85 million members in more than 165 countries around the world. This meant that as Archbishop he had a special responsibility for helping build relationships between churches across the Anglican Communion.

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